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OX Tools

Powerful, dynamic and advanced, the phenomenal OX range raises the benchmark for tool performance, to unprecedented new levels. Using American, German and other European technology, OX products are known for their innovation and toughness and are built up to a standard, not down on a price.


The OX Story:

Since 1974 we have been delivering high quality professional tools to the general construction, masonry and tiling trades. Our company has grown steadily based on the quality of our products and our determined pursuit of service excellence.

Our commitment to research and development is combined with a willingness to listen to the people who everyday depend on our tools. By relentlessly researching and introducing new materials and new features, we are proud to say we have positively impacted the lives of the professional contractor.

With experience gained through research and collaboration within the construction trade sector, we are actively charting a course to continue to bring added value, new thinking and viable approaches, addressing the dilemmas and challenges today that frustrate both the contractor and the retail sector that serves them.

Our commitment to innovation and quality continues to be at the core of our strategy. As we move further into the 21st century we believe our innovative approach will be a deciding factor in the growth of our business

We aim to leverage our global business portfolio built around the strength of the OX brand.

Unleash the Power®.

John Diplock – Managing Director